Clogged Tub? No Problem, We’re on It!

Do you ever finish a shower and realize you are standing in 4 inches of water? This is a telltale sign of a clogged tub. Simply hoping all that excess water will drain normally is not the answer. While this may seem like a simple problem, a clogged tub can actually cause damage to your home.

There are two main culprits in a clogged tub. Soap and Hair! Soap alone is usually not an issue, but when it combines with hair over time it can cause major drainage issues. Some clogs are fairly visible to the naked eye and therefore easy to remove. We have all done this before, by simply reaching into the tub drain and pulling out a clump of soap and hair. (Ew!) However, many times these clogs are lodged deep within the pipe. As you can image, these problems tend to compound with multiple clogs and cause serious problems.

Know when to call a professional, like Mudbug Plumbing, for their professional drain cleaning service.
– When your drain is slow to empty after normal usage – Call Mudbug!
– When there is a clog that you can’t see – Call Mudbug!
– When there is a clog that you can see, but the backup remains after you remove it – Call MudBug!

A clogged tub can lead to serious problemsProfessional drain cleaning services are designed to remedy your clogged tub and prevent future damage to your pipes. They are an inexpensive and effective way to prevent major plumbing disasters before they happen.

You can keep your drains clean and clear by being mindful of them during your weekly bathroom cleaning and watch out for soap build –up!
Always use a strainer over your bathtub drain and make sure to clean it out regularly.

Call Mudbug for a professional drain cleaning and follow these simple maintenance steps and you will never have a clogged tub again!

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