Video Pipe Inspection in Metairie and New Orleans

You can smell it, can’t you? A putrid odor lingers in your home. Yet your countless attempts to locate the source prove fruitless. That is until you walk up to the kitchen sink. The horrendous aroma only intensifies as you finally discover that it is coming from the kitchen sink. It’s time for a video pipe inspection so the real problem can be determined and fixed for good.

So what exactly is a video pipe inspection? It’s a process that helps plumbers determine what exactly causes the problem and what they can do to fix it. A hose-like object consisting of fiber optic cables with a camera attached on the end of it is carefully pushed through your drain so that it can find the exact problem. Once we locate the problem, our professional plumbers immediately begin the required maintenance to fix it. All equipment is waterproof so that detection occurs without any interference or damage. Our plumber records the whole process and we give you a copy of the inspection along with a thorough report detailing the damage found.

Common situations that require a video pipe inspection include:

-Sewer and/or drainage problems.
-If you plan on selling your house because one tiny plumbing issue could derail the selling process.
-Receiving a notice from the city informing you on that your sewer connection has been corrupted which can be a risk to the surrounding environment.

At Mudbug Plumbing & Repair Inc., we offer a variety of services at affordable prices for customers all across the Greater New Orleans Region. We are a local plumbing business that knows how time sensitive plumbing issues can be. Broken or damaged drainpipes can cause serious issues for you, your family, and your household. Scheduling a video pipe inspection cannot only help you detect your current drainage problems, but it can also help prevent other issues from happening in the future.