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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

When making repairs, plumbers will often run into leaks, clogs and pipe issues. Having little to no hot water coming from the water heater and into the drains is also a problem homeowners may overlook. It is often due to the fact that the water heater needs repair or that it is time to make the switch to a tankless water heater. There are many benefits to a tankless water heater you will not want to miss!

Continuous Hot Water

We use hot water for multiple uses throughout our home without even realizing it. Some appliances that require hot water the most are dishwashers, washing machines, jacuzzis, showers and bathtubs. Before you know it, hot water is gone in the middle of the day and you are left with a not-so-warm bubble bath. A benefit of having a tankless water heater is that it provides hot water on-demand. That means unlimited hot water everyday, year-round. All it takes is making the switch from a traditional water heater to a tankless one with an easy installation made by a plumbing specialist

Is More Energy Efficient 

Saving money on your energy bill could not be any more beneficial without a tankless water heater. Unlike traditional models, tankless water heaters are newer and are known to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional models work harder to keep up with hot water demand (a full tank’s worth) while the tankless version only heats up the water when needed. 

Compact for More Storage Space

Most water heaters are usually located in the basement, bedroom closets, laundry rooms or in a corner by the home’s furnace. Traditional water heaters are rather large and bulky and take up alot of space. Tankless heaters are more compact because they easily mount to the wall, are lightweight, sleek and make up for more storage space.  

Longer Lifespan 

While water heaters do not require frequent maintenance, traditional heaters have many components that require replacements when they do fail. The components of a traditional heater are known to be costly while tankless models are a single working heater without the hassle of various components. Tankless heaters do not collect sediment which helps avoid the mess and the labor to have it cleaned out. Put simply, a traditional heater will run you a good decade while a tankless version will last you up to double the number of years. One less worry off your list!

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