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Common Plumbing Questions

Being a home or business owner can be an overwhelming feeling, especially when you do not know the answers to common plumbing questions. Professional plumbers will tell you that no question is ever too big or small, and they do not expect you to know everything. Luckily, we have compiled some of the most common plumbing questions and provided answers to help put your mind at ease when in doubt. 

Why is my faucet leaking?

Water leaks coming from faucets are very likely due to water pressure issues or built-up residue that comes from the P-trap pipe. It can be an easy fix if the pipe is thoroughly cleaned and sealed with epoxy as soon as possible. Professionals will have the right tools to make sure the nuts are tightly secured afterward. 

What is causing my drain to get constantly clogged?

There are various answers to this common plumbing question on what causes the drain to get easily clogged. Everyday messes accumulate over time without notice, such as hair, soap scum and grease that cause pipes to back up. The solution? Try using a drain snake or plunger to get anything that is stuck right out. If that does not work, then calling a plumber will ensure your drain is running in no time with hot water jets services. 

Why is my water coming out cold?

Winter months feel better with a nice relaxing hot bath or shower. When water comes out cold, you may need to readjust the temperature, keeping in mind not to exceed the recommended setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You may also consider upgrading to a tankless water heater that gives you an unlimited amount of hot water while saving money on your bill. A plumber can also check and service the pilot light! 

Why is the water pressure low?

Noticing you have low water pressure can be an unpleasant surprise. It can indicate various problems, such as having open valves, blockages due to clogged pipes/cartridges or a water supply line issue. Cleaning out the pipes, checking that the shut-off valve is closed or switching out old pipes to new ones may do the trick. 

My water bill is higher than usual. Why is that?

No one knows your home better than you do. Things like electricity, gas and water bills usually stay consistent, unless more usage is happening while the seasons change. But what if we told you that the spike in the water bill is due to the droplets of water coming from your bathroom faucet or with any sink? Water droplets, also known as water waste, could make all the difference in saving you money. A local plumber can inspect the water meter dial, toilet flapper and fill valve for an accurate diagnosis. 

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