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Drain Cleaning - What is clogging your drain?

By now, you have most likely experienced a clogged drain in your home. It can get pretty messy and is not a fun task to undo. Finding the source of the problem is generally not defined by one main cause, but can be a combination of multiple factors. The reason for a drain clog varies, so drain cleaning will be a fundamental part of repairing the drain. 

Oil and Grease Build-Up 

Many homeowners are well aware of the damages oil and grease can cause in their kitchen drains. But even avoiding pouring oil or bacon grease down the drain when cooking is simply not enough. Naturally, oil and grease can build up over time causing a blockage in the drain. 

Soap Scum 

Soap scum might be a surprise to some but it also clogs drains and is commonly found in shower and bathroom drains. It can cause the water to back up because of the soap bar properties that contain fatty ingredients similar to that of grease. 


Hair is a highly common problem that causes clogging, including pet hair. Bathroom drains are more susceptible to clogs because of the daily usage as hair strands collect in the shower and bathtub drain. Laundry room drains can also accumulate hair through washing cycles. 

Feminine Hygiene Products and Baby Wipes 

Blocked toilets become clogged when thick waste such as feminine hygiene products and baby wipes are flushed down. Plumbers will usually advise not to flush down toilet paper either as it can worsen over time. 


Any type of dirt and debris will also cause the home’s drain to clog. While it might seem every single substance can cause a drain to clog, there is preventative maintenance that is highly recommended to avoid this problem. Plunging only works as a temporary fix, so your best option is to get drain cleaning done by a plumber that uses a water jetting solution. 

Outdoor Tree Roots

Issues with clogged drains are not just found indoors. Outdoor tree roots below the ground’s surface can crack through drain pipes, resulting in poor water flow and ultimately drain blockages. 

Plants and Leaves

Just like outdoor tree roots can affect the drain, so can external plants and leaves. During rainy and fall seasons, leaves easily enter and clog drains. 

Mineral Build-up

The mineral build-up is formed through hard water deposits which also add to drain clogs. Drain cleaning is essential and drastically reduces clogs and improves your plumbing system at the same time. 

Do not let drain clogs worsen your home’s plumbing system. Have one of our plumber’s service the pipes with a drain clean and water jetting solution. Call Mudbug Plumbing & Repair to reserve a drain service today at (504) 885-5266. We also offer video pipe inspection prior to removing drain build-up.

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