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How We Detect a Leak

Whether you own a home or rent one, there is a chance that you’ve found yourself listening to drops of water falling. Two thoughts may come to mind: where is it coming from and just how bad could it be?

Maybe you didn’t hear a leak but instead woke up to the cabinets underneath your sink flooded as you tread the puddle of water on your floor. 

Leaks aren’t always a constant dripping of water. In fact, they tend to be much more subtle until the drips become a flood. That is why detecting them early is the way to go. 

This is where Mudbugs can save the day with the latest technology and hard workers that will quickly locate and fix your leaks. 

We are called “Mudbugs” because our workers are not afraid of getting in the dirt. We can fix your issues with the appropriate skill, attention and care that you deserve. We have trained professionals in all aspects to help you get the quality of service you deserve. 

Before a leak occurs, it is always good to take precautions to help prevent them. 

Drain Cleaning - Drain cleaning allows your flow system to work better when your drains are free of debris.

Video Pipe Inspections - We send video camera technology into any sized pipes (from small and dark to large and spacious). This helps us see the issue with our own eyes. 

Under Slab Repairs & Tunneling - Concrete slab foundation leaks are dangerous. It is important to have this tricky issue looked at to prevent future problems. 

Hot Water Jetting - Trained professionals will clean your clogged pipes safely and effectively, ridding your pipes of tough materials like grease.

Leak Detection - Leaks can occur inside of your walls, under structures and under your floors. Mudbugs uses some of the latest technology to tackle your toughest leaks. 

Gas Inspection - Gas leaks can be deadly and are most certainly dangerous. Some gases are even completely invisible. If you think you may have a gas leak, call us immediately. 

Water Heaters - When your water heater goes out, you notice quickly. We can install or repair your water heaters in a quick manner. 

Tankless Water Heaters - We can install and repair tankless water heaters the right way to help you avoid issues that may occur.

Backflow Inspection - When water is flowing the wrong way, it can make your water hazardous. We have the right tools to indicate this issue and can fix it fast. 

There are many ways to detect a leak, so it’s important to look out for these things happening in your home. Call Mudbug Plumbing & Repair to reserve a drain service today at (504) 517-7656. We also offer video pipe inspection prior to removing drain build-up.

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