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Metairie, LA

A few facts about Metairie are: 

  • Metairie is located in Louisiana and is a census-designated place (CDP) for the sole purpose of its statistical population. 
  • Did you know? The city of Metairie is known as the first suburb of New Orleans and it is the largest community in Jefferson Parish with up to 450,000 residents. 
  • In reference to the actual term “city”, Metairie is governed by the Jefferson Parish council, not by the usual mayor or government officials. 

Amenities and Facilities

  • Shopping centers
  • Night clubs and entertainment
  • Restaurants 
  • Hotels
  • Baseball stadium 
  • Boating

Celebrations and Events

  • Metairie celebrates Mardi Gras just as New Orleans does by never missing a beat with the help of a connecting road/bridge.

Water Supply Hazard Concerns

  • The Mississippi River provides many benefits for some residents but not so much for others. 
  • The East Jefferson Water Tower is said to be contaminated by drainage and industrial waste. 
  • A major downfall to the water supply usage is that even though it serves as a reliable water source for many homes and businesses, it is deemed a potential health concern to the public. 
  • MudBug Plumbing and Remodeling proudly serves the Metairie, Louisiana area to diagnose and fix plumbing issues. 
  • Serious plumbing issues are usually deeper rooted that consist of underslab repair or hot water jetting.  
  • There are many obvious signs that indicate a plumbing problem such as clogging, build-up, changes in water pressure or foul smells. These among other issues require a professional plumber to inspect underground areas

Hurricane Season Readiness and Precautions

  • Residents of Metairie know the many wonders their hometown has to offer but are also well aware of hurricane season and the need to take precautionary measures. 
  • Hurricanes are represented by categories to indicate the severity of the damages it may cause. 
  • As the category gets bigger, so does the damage leading to outages, floods, destruction of trees and roots, failing roof structures as well as doors and windows. 
  • Plumbers at MudBug Plumbing know the consequences hurricanes leave behind. Preparing for your home in case of an emergency is highly suggested. 
  • One of the most basic but necessary actions one must make when a hurricane strikes is to shut off water and gas lines to prevent further damage. However, not everyone will know how to complete this action.
  • MudBug Plumbing is more than happy to bring Metairie residents a peace of mind with one of the most important foundations of your home: a working plumbing system.  

Call MudBug Plumbing & Repair, Inc. to reserve a sewer service today in Metairie, Louisiana at (504) 885-5266. We also offer video pipe inspection prior to removing drain build-up.

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