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Plumbing Priorities Before Hurricane Season

Hurricane season does not only affect the coastal states, it also affects plumbing systems in your home. Aside from common hurricane behavior comes many uncertainties. While hurricane season does not come with a written manual on how to fully prepare, we came up with a list of plumbing priorities you should know before hurricane season strikes. 

Locate shut off valve location for gas lines

Most homeowners are aware there are many responsibilities with residential property ownership. Some of those responsibilities do not necessarily include a list of maintenance tasks, but rather getting to know the plan of action for an emergency. Knowing where the shut off valve is for gas lines before hurricane season begins will come in handy. When the time comes that a gas leak occurs, locating the shut off valve and shutting it off inside and outside your home will prevent any further damage. Since gas is toxic, evacuating the home and calling the gas company will be the next step. As always, a plumber will have to do a gas inspection afterward. 

Schedule a sewer line inspection

Hurricanes involve unpredictable weather conditions such as strong winds and floods that can cause sewer lines to move. Tree roots can also hinder pipes in the process. By scheduling a sewer line inspection before and after a hurricane occurs, plumbers can look for pre-existing signs of low water pressures, notice any cracks and even make video pipe inspections to check for tree roots that may get in the way. 

Turn off the water heater

Water heaters work twice as hard when a hurricane occurs because there is added pressure for the system to continue to function. Turning off the water heater of the electrical supply line beforehand will help. If after the hurricane you notice that your hot or cold water is no longer working, call a plumber to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. 

Have a sump pump on hand

The water that leaks into your home during hurricane season is usually contaminated. Be sure to look out for the water quality to ensure there is no risk in consuming water from the faucet. Besides shutting off the water supply line, having a sump pump on hand can help reduce flooding and prevent contaminated water from seeping into the supply line. Without a sump pump, pipes can easily burst and cause a leaky mess. 

Take action by preparing for hurricane season today. Call MudBug Plumbing & Remodeling to reserve a sewer line inspection at (504) 885-5266. We also offer video pipe inspection prior to removing drain build-up and tree root issues. 

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