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Gas Inspection

MudBug Plumbing works with residential and commercial properties across the Harahan, LA area to administer gas inspections. Among gas appliances, gas leaks are considered dangerous due to the combustible and flammable properties natural gas and propane contain. Gas leaks play a hazardous and deadly role when dealing with a gas line emergency. It is important you call your gas utility company immediately to report the leak and that you follow emergency procedures for a safe evacuation. Gas inspections and emergency services should be performed only by highly trained professionals to ensure adequate assistance.

City of Harahan Regulatory Gas Inspection Permits

Do not wait for a gas line emergency to happen and see the benefits that occur with yearly and early gas inspection. Ensures gas lines are grounded and that a continuous supply of gas is available. Be sure to include gas line repair test pressures to ensure no interruptions in the future. When you choose to have yearly inspections, you have peace of mind knowing you are abiding by state and local compliance. By doing this, you can prevent gas leaks from occurring due to freezing temperatures during the colder months. Ultimately, this will save you money from devastating repairs such as explosive or hazardous faults. Always checks for proper gas line connections, fittings and that a carbon monoxide alarm and gas detector is in place.

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Where inspections are made:

Rough ins
Water heaters
Dryer machines
Floor furnaces
Commercial and domestic ovens

Gas Inspection and Detection Methods

For the utmost gas inspection accuracy, our experts use detection methods that are suitable and effective across plumbing industries. Along with the use of our technology-based performance tools which are safely manufactured, we strive to detect gas leaks on the spot. 

We ensure pressure gauge testing is performed throughout the gas system while the pump air movement method is assessed across pipes. The use of infrared gas detectors provides scanning with quick response times for gas emissions (for industrial uses). We utilize catalytic bead sensors to detect combustible gases and vapor while gas sensors are used for indoor air quality monitoring and control.

Gas supplies energy and is the main source of everyday gas appliances used across residential and commercial properties. As many rely on it for everyday household or industrial use, it is important to help prevent gas leaks and stay on top of annual gas inspections. Call MudBug Plumbing & Repair, Inc. for an early gas inspection at (504) 885-5266. We also offer video pipe inspection.

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