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Leak Detection

So you think you’ve got a leak, but you aren’t sure where it’s coming from or how bad it is. It’s important to find the source of the leak as quickly as possible to minimize damage, so here are a few ways you can determine if you have a leak.

Look for puddles and drips - The easiest way to detect a leak is by finding a puddle or drip somewhere there shouldn’t be. This also lets you know the general area of the leak. Leaks commonly occur in the bathroom and kitchen where plumbing is most prevalent.
Look for water damage - You might not find a puddle or a drip, but you might see water damage. There are other ways water damage can happen, so it’s best to monitor the area for an active leak should you find some water damage. You can do this with color changing moisture towels or a water sensor.
Check your water meter - If you notice a big spike in your water usage, this may be a sign of a leak. Since monitoring your water usage is a more long term way of detecting a leak, action should be taken quickly as you do not know how severe the damage is.

Leaks in your plumbing can result in damage, mess, costly repair and a huge headache. That’s why it’s important to always call a professional as soon as you find or think you find signs of a leak. Professionally trained plumbers will be able to perform leak detection so the leak can be pinpointed and fixed quickly and efficiently. Leaving a leak will only cause more difficulties for you in the long run, so don’t wait. 

At Mudbug, we use the latest technology to detect leaks that occur in your walls, under structures and under your floors. This allows us to tackle the leaks head-on and get them repaired as quickly as possible. One of the pieces of technology that we use is video pipe inspection.

Video pipe inspection allows our team to get an inside look at what is going on with your pipes and pinpoint the leak. A small video camera is inserted into the pipes that records the interior. It can be used to find leaks, blocks and damage. It can also help determine if there are areas of concern that may need tending to prior to a leak occurring. Using video inspection means we can get the problem fixed quickly and attend to any areas that may cause a problem down the road. This also allows us to focus our repairs on only the affected section which means less invasion of your home and yard. Video pipe inspection also gives you a video record of the health of your pipes should you need it.

If you’ve got a leak and you’re not sure where it’s coming from, call Mudbug at today 504-517-7656! Our highly trained team of professional plumbers will be able to help you find and fix the leak and even prevent future leaks from happening.

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