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Video Pipe Inspections

At Mudbug, we offer top of the line pipe inspection. When you own a home or are buying a new home, it’s crucial to know what’s going on with your pipes. If you’ve got a leak, some sort of blockage or any other plumbing problem, we can inspect it and let you know the best way to proceed. 

A pipe inspection is a great way to get a larger idea of what is going on with your plumbing before digging up the entire yard. One of the best ways to inspect pipes with minimal invasion is video pipe inspection.

What is Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspection is when we take a small camera and put it down through your pipes. This allows us to see what’s going on every inch of the way. We can record leaks, damage, blockage and more. Video pipe inspections help to take the guesswork out of plumbing repair and replacement. 

Once we have the video inspection done, we can take the knowledge we have gained from the inspection and move forward with a better plan of action. This means things like having all the right tools and equipment on hand before starting, giving you a more accurate estimate on time and expense, digging up less of your yard, repairing potential leaks before they start, pinpointing blockage and more.

Why is Video Pipe Inspection Useful?

Video pipe inspection is useful for a number of reasons. It allows us to get an overall picture of the health of your pipes, which is great for when you are buying or selling a home. It also helps us to get to the root of the problem faster if you have a plumbing problem. 

Video pipe inspection allows us to have a roadmap of your plumbing system and gives you peace of mind. You will know exactly what's going on in your pipes and what needs fixing or replacing. You will also have a frame of reference for future repairs, and video footage of your pipes should you need it for insurance claims or the like. 

Video pipe inspection can also help you save both time and money by preventing future issues as well as pinpointing the problem and only doing the work needed.

If you’re having plumbing issues, or just need to know the overall health of your plumbing system, call Mudbug Plumbing today!

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