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Signs You Need Under Slab Tunneling

Leaking or clogging issues near or in your home’s plumbing system might have more to do with under slab tunneling than you think. The foundation, made up of concrete slabs, requires underground repairs for common plumbing problems. The goal is for a professional plumber that specializes in under slab tunneling to efficiently and successfully dig the required measurements for the tunnel repair process to begin. From there, pressure testing, repairing and mud pumping are administered. There are a few signs that indicate you will need under slab tunneling and by no means you should avoid it for your home’s safety. 

Repeated Clogs

Repeated clogging problems are a clear sign of under slab tunneling repair. The recurring issue stems back from debris accumulation which causes drain lines to become backed up. With an under slab tunneling repair service, the concrete slab foundation is quickly supported by the mud-pumping method, therefore, reducing clogs. 

Backwater Holds

A backwater valve contains an important component that prevents water from holding back. With a protective flap, the flap will close to prevent any blockage. If there is a backwater hold, it usually means there is a change in the water pressure and the flap will fluctuate with proper opening and closing mechanisms. Under-slab tunneling will clean out the valve while filling the hole at the end. 

Toilet Sink and Bathtub Backed Up

Slow drains from toilets and bathtubs that are commonly backed up require under slab tunneling repair. It is also often reflected in a high water bill or noticeable temperature change in cold water which detects a hot water supply line back up. The service itself is done in a way that does not interrupt your daily personal use of water in your home as it is done underground. Homeowners like the convenience of an under slab tunnel service as it is an efficient and cleaner way to find the source. 

You keep having to call a plumber

Disaster zones with any water sewage issue are never a good sign. Any indoor leaks or running water with the outdoor water meter affects the slab foundation. If you keep having to call a plumber, it is a clear indication under slab tunneling is needed. By getting your tunneling service squared away, you will save money in the long run with a proper backfill technique. This method ensures there is enough support on the slab without missing any holes along the way. 

Mudbug Plumbing & Repair can give you a professional diagnosis on under-slab tunneling. Excavation services are safe and are only done by experts. Your home’s foundation is our top priority. If you notice any sudden water change, odd sound or smell, do not hesitate to call us at (504) 517-7656. Emergency Services are also available.

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