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The Basics About Water Heaters

Your water heater is what allows you to have hot water in your sink, shower and tub. This makes them one of the most essential appliances in the home. Most people don’t really give their water heater a second thought unless it’s not working or needs to be replaced.

Here are the basics of what you need to know about water heaters.

Types of Water Heaters 

There are two main types of water heaters that you may find in your home. There is the more traditional style of water heater with a tank, which are the most common type seen in residential areas. This style of water heater does take up a bit more room in the home and is often stored in a closet, pantry or utility room. The other type of water heater you might see is a tankless water heater. These are much smaller and are usually installed as a replacement for an old tank water heater when the homeowner decides to upgrade. 

How Water Heaters Work

The two different types of water heaters work in different ways, but at the end of the day you get the same outcome: hot water for your home. Tank water heaters use a large heated storage tank to provide water for your sink and showers. Because of this, you may run out of hot water and have to wait for more water to heat up. On the other hand, tankless water heaters do not hold any water within them. Instead, the water passes through the water heater, which heats the water as it passes. This means you are only heating the water you use; it also allows for an endless supply. 

Parts of a Water Heater

Since the two types of water heaters function differently, they are made very differently. A tank water heater is made up of a large tank as well as several vents and pipes. There is also a heat source and a thermometer to regulate the heat. A tankless water heater, however, is much smaller and simpler. It is primarily made up of a heat source, a fan and a valve to move the cold water in and the hot water out.

Cost and Lifespan of a Water Heater

One of the main differences, aside from space, is the cost and lifespan of the two types of water heaters. Traditional tank water heaters are cheaper upfront, but you are usually paying more for your water bill each month. Additionally, tank water heaters usually only last about 8-12 years. Tankless water heaters are more expensive up front, but you will most likely see a decrease in your monthly water bill when using a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters also last longer than tank water heaters. The lifespan of a tankless water heater is around 20 years. 

Choosing the Right Kind for Your Home

The type of water heater that’s right for your home will depend on a number of factors including cost, available room for storage and your needs. Talk with a plumbing professional to decide which option is right for you!

There are many things to know about your water heater in your home, so it’s important to look out for these things when purchasing your next water heater. Call Mudbug Plumbing & Repair to reserve a drain service or water heater installation today at (504) 517-7656. We also offer video pipe inspection prior to removing drain build-up.

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