getting your home flowing again

we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty so you won’t get yours

Issues with your plumbing can cause more than an overflowing toilet. Faulty pipes, clogs, and other assorted plumbing problems lead to some serious issues if left unfixed. Here at Mudbug, our top priority is getting your home flowing again, giving you the peace of mind that your home is safe.

Just like mudbugs, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. We’re a team of highly trained professionals committed to solving your pipe problems and working to keep things flowing for a long time to come. We offer numerous plumbing services and use specialized technology to diagnose quickly, and fix even quicker. If you suspect that you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate. Call us today.

Get the service you deserve

numerous plumbing services and use specialized technology to diagnose quickly, and fix even quicker.

Leaks underneath concrete slab foundations can be particularly tricky, and lead to dangerous problems in the future.

Pipes can be small, and dark, but thankfully we have video camera technology that helps us see your issues with our own eyes.

Leaks can be costly and aren’t always so obvious. They can occur under floors, inside walls and under structures. We use the latest technology to quickly locate and solve your problems.

Everyone notices when their water heater goes out. If you want your nice, hot showers back, let us repair or install your water heater the right way.

Real problems need real solutions. If your pipes are seriously clogged up with tough materials and grease, let our trained professionals clean your pipes safely and effectively today!

Gas leaks can be dangerous, even deadly, but are sometimes completely invisible. If you suspect a gas leak, give us a call as soon as possible.



  • Larry Snyder
    I have used Mudbug for over 10 years. They are my go-to plumbing service for the restaurant I manage. When I had my real estate license, I referred all of my clients to them for their pre-purchase plumbing inspection. As a homeowner, I trust only them to help maintain my home. I would definitely recommend them for ANY service.
    Larry Snyder
  • Sandra Hartley
    Awesome service in an emergency situation!!
    Sandra Hartley
  • Ray Hebert
    I have to say that I've been using mudbugs services for several inspections and Kim has to be one of the most professional and efficient people that I've ever worked with. I highly recommend her and mudbugs.
    Ray Hebert
  • Spencer Reeves
    From the initial call to the job being complete, everything went smoothly. Very nice guys came out. Explained everything and did all that was requested of them, plus more. We are very happy with service they provided.
    Spencer Reeves
  • Leslie Westmoreland
    I called first thing on a Monday morning and they were at my house for 9am. They were very prompt and cleaned up after themselves. The office personnel are very polite and I received great service. I will be using their services again.
    Leslie Westmoreland